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Montana Lottery News

The Montana Lottery will have four new Scratch games when retailers place their next Tel-Sell order. Starting on February 3, the lineup includes two Crosswords and a Slingo, along with a fun $1 game called Cash Cow. It pays to keep inventory fresh, so make sure to get a few new games in your dispensers! The chart provides a quick overview and more information is available at http://www.montanalottery.com/scratch.

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The Montana Lottery is introducing four new Scratch games on January 6. Our first 2016 release includes Hot $1,000.00, White Hot Bingo, All Cash, No Taxes and a perennial favorite, Deluxe Super Hot 7's. The table provides pricing, top prizes and Bonus Play info, but if you want a more complete rundown on the prize structure for these games, please go to http://www.montanalottery.com/scratch for a complete game summary.

You might be asking yourself why the top prize for All Cash, No Taxes is such an odd number. This is because the player who wins will go home with $10,000 in their pocket, the rest goes to pay the winner's withholding tax. Not a bad selling point.

Look for increased sales in Hot Lotto with Sizzler this month. The Lottery will be running a small advertising campaign to promote Hot Lotto, so you should see more interest. Make sure your staff knows the basics - Hot Lotto jackpots start at $1 Million, the Sizzler option allows a 3X multiplier on any prize except the jackpot, and drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday at 8:59 PM. More importantly, tax withholdings are paid on the jackpot prize. So the cash value shown is what a player puts in their pocket if they win. But just the jackpot, not the other prizes, we need to make sure that's clear. The Lottery is working hard to get the word out on Hot Lotto with Sizzler, so make sure you're ready when players come through the door.

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On a snowy day in Helena, the Montana Lottery initiated the Photon Rollout with the first Photon terminal installation at the Cenex Zip Trip in Helena. With a more intuitive program, touch screen and faster response, we are so excited to put the Lottery’s latest technology to work. We had the A-Team at the Zip Trip today, and soon your own A-Team will be at your store, getting the Photon into place and training you for a faster, more stream-lined Lottery experience.

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The Wild Card game will be ending on Feb. 24, 2016. The draw down will begin after the Dec. 5 draw.

There will be very few initial changes for you, and no changes to the game through the end of the draw. We will continue to pay prizes within the 184 day window as we always have. The first difference you'll notice is the number of available draws will decrease. We will be sending you a BOS message after every draw to alert you to how many draws remain. Your Wild Card players will be interested in this information. Please let your players know that we offer other exciting alternatives to Wild Card, specifically Lucky for Life and Montana Cash.

When Wild Card was launched in February of 1998, it was an innovative four-state collaborative effort to provide an exclusive game with bigger jackpots. Since its introduction, other draw style games have launched and Wild Card play has steadily declined. The Montana Lottery is always looking for fun, new games for our players. The end of Wild Card gives us the opportunity to explore new possibilities.

As we get closer to the final draw date, there will be additional information about ending Wild Card. This information will come through BOS, and will be available on our web site. If you have any questions about the draw down of Wild Card, please feel free to contact the Lottery at 1-800-433-8490.

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The Montana Lottery released three new Scratch games on December 2, Tic Tac 2's, Slingo 5X Trio and Casino Cash. The $1 Tic Tac 2's has no Bonus Play, and a top prize of $1,000. $5 Slingo 5X Trio has no Bonus Play and a top prize of $75,000. The $10 Casino Cash has Bonus Play and a top prize of $175,000. You can find more information about these games at http://montanalottery.com/scratch Players are always looking for something different, so get in touch with Tel-Sell at 1-800-433-8490 and make sure you have the newest games in stock.

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