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Put karma on your side. To get luck, give luck by choosing one of these lucky charms and sending it to a friend.


By sending some luck to your friend you've brought a little back to yourself.

Wild Card


Go a little WILD!


Double the jackpot, double the fun! Wild Card will be undergoing some upgrades on January 13! 

The starting jackpot will double from $100,000 to $200,000 and go up from there! The Match 5 prize will increase from $5,000 to $6,000, and several of the lower-tier prizes will increase as well. 

The pool of numbers to choose from will also be changing from 31 to 33. And it’s still two plays for $1!

Old Wild Card New Wild Card
Game Information
Matrix 5/31 and 1/16 5/33 and 1/16
Price $1 for two plays $1 for two plays 
Starting Jackpot $100,000  $200,000
Prize Structure
$5,000 $6,000 
WC $500  $500 
$20 $30 
WC $5 $6 
$2 $2 
WC $1 $2 
WC $1 $1 
WC $1 $1 
Overall Odds 1:6 1:6.7


Wild Card is about to get more WILD! Try it January 13!