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The Montana Lottery launched Montana Millionaire ten years ago for one reason: We wanted to make a millionaire in Montana.

We wanted to give one of you one million dollars every single year.

We love seeing Montanans win and, Montana, you have made this one of our best games ever.

This year we are making our tenth millionaire and to celebrate a decade of changing Montana lives, we are giving away more prizes with better odds.

Someone is going to win a million dollars this year. Will it be you?

See where instant winners are being sold: $100 Instant Winners | $500 Instant Winners

Cost per play:


Drawing Days:

January 1, 2017 -- OR SOOONER! We sell only 150,000 Montana Millionaire tickets. If the game sells out -- and it has the last three years! -- our drawings will be held sooner than Jan. 1. Check back at this website for details!

Instant Win:

1,025 Montana Millionaire tickets will be randomly selected INSTANT WINNERS! 625 ticket-holders will instantly win $500; 400 ticket-holders will instantly win $100. Instant win tickets will be printed as instant winners and winners will be able to claim their prize immediately at the retailer where it was purchased.

Prizes & Odds

*Odds for the Early Bird Drawings will depend on how many tickets are sold prior to the drawing deadlines.
Prize Number of Winners Odds
$1,000,000 1 1:150,000
$100,000 3 1:50,000
$10,000 5 1:30,000
Early Bird
1 TBD*
1 TBD*
$500 625 1:240
$100 400 1:375

*Odds for the Early Bird and Pre-Millionaire Drawings will depend on how many tickets are sold prior to the drawing deadlines.

It's easy to play Montana Millionaire!

Tickets can be purchased anywhere Montana Lottery is sold. They can also be purchased at all our self-service terminals throughout the state.

Tickets are printed sequentially from 000001 to 150000. The first person who buys a Montana Millionaire ticket will be number 000001. The last ticket sold will be numbered 150000. There are no play slips to complete or numbers to choose.

Tickets are $20 per play.

But it's hard to wait.

Don't worry: We won't make you! We will have two Early Bird Drawings: One for $15,000 and a second for $25,000. Every ticket sold up to the point of the Early Bird Drawing is entered into that drawing. Winners are not ineligible from winning the Grand Prize. Our Early Bird Drawings will be held on Nov. 25, 2016 and Dec. 16, 2016. Don't wait! Only tickets purchased before those dates are entered into our Early Bird Drawings!

I know someone who won instantly last year. Are you guys doing that again?

Of course! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have increased our prizes and odds, including our popular instant win tickets. More than 1,000 Montanans will win instantly this year -- and we'll be giving away even more money to those winners. Here's how it works: Buy a Montana Millionaire ticket. If you are an intant prize winner, a notification will print near the bottom of your Montana Millionaire ticket showing the prize you have won. A coupon to redeem your instant win prize will print immediately following your Montana Millionaire ticket. Redeem your coupon immediately to claim your instant win. Hold on to your actual Montana Millionaire ticket! It's still eligible to win all the other prizes in the game, including the Grand Prize and all Early Bird prizes.

The final deadline to buy Montana Millionaire tickets is Dec. 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. -- if we still have any tickets left to sell. Montana Millionaire is a limited number game. We sell only 150,000 tickets and when they're gone, we don't print anymore.  

But tickets could sell out long before then, so get in while you can!

MONTANA MILLIONAIRE 2016. Someone's going to win. It's your turn.
DatePrizeWinning NumberRetailerCity
12/29/2016$1,000,000012066Kernaghan's Pik & Pump Great Falls
12/29/2016$100,000052730Town Pump of Troy #4100Troy
12/29/2016$100,000061107Town Pump #7600Livingston
12/29/2016$100,000041934Town Pump of MissoulaMissoula
12/29/2016$10,000100967Town Pump #0330Laurel
12/29/2016$10,000091647Anaconda Liquor StoreAnaconda
12/29/2016$10,000114871Thriftway Super Stop 6Butte
12/29/2016$10,000016649The Corner StoreWhitehall
12/29/2016$10,000102309Big Horn IGAHardin
12/16/2016$15,000023407Cenex Zip Trip # 58Billings
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There are a million reasons to play Montana Millionaire.

Meet past Montana Millionaires

2012 - Sam Polesky, Laurel

2011 - Vern Wallace & Mara Lovelace, Billings

2010 - William & Carol Morse, Billings

2008 - Mike & Carole McGivern, Butte

Winning number accuracy

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the winning numbers posted here, we cannot guarantee it because of the possibility of unauthorized entries and edits of information on our web site.

In the event of discrepancies between the information posted here and the official winning number list, the official winning numbers list prevails. Players may consult the official winning numbers recorded in the Lottery's official drawing files.