Whoops! There was a mistake with the Montana Sports Action Fantasy Football roster for this week’s games. The team identifiers were incorrect. We are fixing this now! We expect a corrected roster to be available soon. Please check back and download a new roster when it is available. Thanks!
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Create your own fantasy team! Visit any Montana Sports Action retailer to build your team, then watch football to see how your players perform. By the end of the football week, you could be collecting cash. Let the draft begin!

We want to hear from you! The Montana Lottery welcomes questions and advice from our players. If you notice any problems with your Fantasy Football play or you have a recommendation for us, please call 444-5825. Play on!

Download Roster PDF


The official Roster of professional football players and teams will be updated once per week every Tuesday morning. The update will remove any injured players and will reflect any traded players. Any Montana Sports Action retailer may provide you with a report of the Roster updates. You may also access the complete Roster via an MP terminal or by clicking the "Roster" tab above.


Fantasy Football may be played only at a Montana Sports Action retailer. There are two ways to play: by using a self-service MP terminal or by using the ePlayslip app on your mobile device.

Either way, create your fantasy team by selecting five eligible players and a defensive unit from the official Roster. Choose a Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, and Defensive Unit. The first five positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, and K) are represented with four-digit numbers. The first two numbers represent the player's team, and the second two numbers represent the player's jersey number. The Defensive Unit is only two numbers, which identify the team.

If you're using an MP terminal, touch the MONTANA SPORTS ACTION button, followed by FANTASY FOOTBALL, and follow the on-screen instructions to build your team.

Short on time? In addition to choosing your team, you may also place a Quick Pick wager, for which the terminal chooses your team for you. Quick Picks may include any player from the Roster, even if the player doesn't play any games that week. No points will be awarded to those players.

After you build a team, choose an amount to wager - $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100. The amount you wager will determine the number of shares of prize money you will receive if you win.

After the week's games are complete, points will be awarded to players and defensive units based on their performance to determine the amount of points your fantasy team earned. If your team earns one of the three highest point totals for the week, you win according to the prize pool distribution outlined below.

For more information on using ePlayslip, click here.


For each week of the professional football season, Fantasy Football wagers may be placed beginning Tuesday morning. Wagers placed at least 10 minutes before the first scheduled game of the week will be eligible to receive points from all selected players who play during that week.

Wagers may continue to be placed until 10 minutes before the last scheduled game of the week, usually the Monday night game, but players who already played will no longer be available to choose.

For example: Say Green Bay plays Chicago Thursday night, and you place a wager Sunday morning. Players from Green Bay and Chicago will no longer be available to choose because they've already played for the week.

Wagers may only be placed for the current week's games. Tickets may only be purchased for the current week of play.

Fantasy Football may be played through the post-season, excluding the championship game. The Roster for each week of post-season play will continue to be available every Tuesday morning.


Points will be awarded according to the table below. Please note the points calculation includes negative points. The calculation includes fractions of points to minimize ties. The Montana Lottery's Fantasy Football scoring may vary from other fantasy football games.

Statistic Points Positions Eligible
Passing Touchdown4QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Every 1 passing yard0.04QB, RB, WR,TE, K
2 pt. Passing Conversion2QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Interception Thrown-2QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Rushing Touchdown6QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Every 1 rushing yard0.1QB, RB, WR,TE, K
2 pt. Rushing Conversion2QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Receiving Touchdown6QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Every 1 receiving yard0.1QB, RB, WR,TE, K
2 pt. Receiving Conversion2QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Fumble Lost-2QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Offensive Fumble Return for TD6QB, RB, WR,TE, K
Kickoff Return for TD6QB, RB, WR,TE, K
FG Made (50+ yards)5K
FG Made (40-49 yards)4K
FG Made (0-39 yards)3K
Each PAT Made1K
FG Missed (any distance)-1K
StatisticPointsPositions Eligible
0 points allowed10DEF
1-6 points allowed7DEF
7-13 points allowed4DEF
14-20 points allowed1DEF
21-27 points allowed0DEF
28-34 points allowed-1DEF
35+ points allowed-4DEF
Punt Return TD6DEF
Interception Return TD6DEF
Fumble Return TD6DEF
Blocked Punt for TD6DEF
Each Interception2DEF
Each Fumble Recovered2DEF
Blocked Punt, PAT or FG2DEF
Each safety2DEF
Each sack1DEF
Fumble Lost-2DEF
Missed FG returns for TD6DEF


Each week, the total prize pool (74% of ticket sales for the week) will be divided into first, second, and third prizes - 50% for first prize, 30% for second prize, and 20% for third prize.

Any tickets with the highest point total for the week will win first prize, and so on for tickets with the second and third highest point totals.

In the event of multiple tickets with the same point totals, the prize level will be split depending on the number of shares each player chose. For example: imagine first prize is $2,000, and two tickets each with 88 points both win first prize. If one player chose four shares (a $20 ticket) while another player chose one share (a $5 ticket), the first player would win $1,600 (4/5 of $2,000) and the second player would win $400 (1/5 of $2,000).


Fantasy Football tickets may only be purchased and redeemed at Montana Sports Action retailers. Winning tickets for the prior week may be paid after the Montana Lottery issues the official results Tuesday morning. Tickets up to $599.99 may be redeemed at any Montana Sports Action retailer. Tickets winning $600 or more must be claimed in person at Montana Lottery Headquarters, 2525 North Montana Ave., Helena. Alternatively, tickets may be mailed to:

Montana Lottery
PO Box 6073
Helena, Montana 59604-6073

Either way, please sign your ticket and complete a Montana Lottery claim form. The Lottery recommends using Certified Mail to send your tickets by mail.

Download a Claim Form

NOTE: Once a ticket is printed, it cannot be canceled. Please ensure your playslip or MP terminal screen is correct before printing the ticket.

In the event of multiple winners, the prize listed will be divided by all winners according to the number of shares they purchased.
Game datePrize levelPointsPrize
 First Prize126.12$3172.70
Red's Bar, Missoula
QB: CAR 1 QB Cam Newton
RB: ARI 31 RB David Johnson
WR: CAR 13 WR Kelvin Benjamin
TE: CAR 88 TE Greg Olsen
K: CAR 9 K Graham Gano
DT: 1
 Second Prize117.12$1903.60
Sunrise Saloon & Casino, Missoula
QB: CAR 1 QB Cam Newton
RB: ARI 31 RB David Johnson
WR: CAR 13 WR Kelvin Benjamin
TE: CAR 88 TE Greg Olsen
K: CAR 9 K Graham Gano
DT: 5
 Third Prize113.22$1269.10
Red's Bar, Missoula
QB: CAR 1 QB Cam Newton
RB: ARI 31 RB David Johnson
WR: CAR 13 WR Kelvin Benjamin
TE: TEN 82 TE Delanie Walker
K: CAR 9 K Graham Gano
DT: 5
 First Prize119.32$3283.70
Dottys Casino, Billings
QB: NO 9 QB Drew Brees
RB: PIT 34 RB DeAngelo Williams
WR: NO 10 WR Brandin Cooks
TE: WAS 86 TE Jordan Reed
K: DAL 5 K Dan Bailey
DT: 13
 Second Prize117.60$1970.20
Red's Bar, Missoula
QB: IND 12 QB Andrew Luck
RB: PIT 34 RB DeAngelo Williams
WR: PIT 84 WR Antonio Brown
TE: KC 87 TE Travis Kelce
K: KC 5 K Cairo Santos
DT: 29
 Third Prize115.62$1313.50
Doc & Eddy's West, Billings
QB: NO 9 QB Drew Brees
RB: NYJ 22 RB Matt Forte
WR: NO 10 WR Brandin Cooks
TE: IND 83 TE Dwayne Allen
K: DAL 5 K Dan Bailey
DT: 29
See how your team did:
PositionTeam CodePlayer NumberPoints
Point total

Week 1

Thu, Sep 8Time (MT)
CAR at DEN6:30 PM
Sun, Sep 11Time (MT)
TB at ATL11:00 AM
BUF at BAL11:00 AM
CHI at HOU11:00 AM
GB at JAX11:00 AM
SD at KC11:00 AM
OAK at NO11:00 AM
CIN at NYJ11:00 AM
CLE at PHI11:00 AM
MIN at TEN11:00 AM
MIA at SEA2:05 PM
NYG at DAL2:25 PM
DET at IND2:25 PM
NE at ARI6:30 PM
Mon, Sep 12Time (MT)
PIT at WAS5:10 PM
LA at SF8:20 PM

Week 2

Thu, Sep 15Time (MT)
NYJ at BUF6:25 PM
Sun, Sep 18Time (MT)
SF at CAR11:00 AM
BAL at CLE11:00 AM
TEN at DET11:00 AM
KC at HOU11:00 AM
MIA at NE11:00 AM
NO at NYG11:00 AM
CIN at PIT11:00 AM
DAL at WAS11:00 AM
TB at ARI2:05 PM
SEA at LA2:05 PM
IND at DEN2:25 PM
ATL at OAK2:25 PM
JAX at SD2:25 PM
GB at MIN6:30 PM
Mon, Sep 19Time (MT)
PHI at CHI6:30 PM

Week 3

Thu, Sep 22Time (MT)
HOU at NE6:25 PM
Sun, Sep 25Time (MT)
ARI at BUF11:00 AM
MIN at CAR11:00 AM
DEN at CIN11:00 AM
DET at GB11:00 AM
BAL at JAX11:00 AM
CLE at MIA11:00 AM
WAS at NYG11:00 AM
OAK at TEN11:00 AM
SF at SEA2:05 PM
LA at TB2:05 PM
SD at IND2:25 PM
NYJ at KC2:25 PM
PIT at PHI2:25 PM
CHI at DAL6:30 PM
Mon, Sep 26Time (MT)
ATL at NO6:30 PM

Week 4

Thu, Sep 29Time (MT)
MIA at CIN6:25 PM
Sun, Oct 2Time (MT)
IND at JAX7:30 AM
CAR at ATL11:00 AM
OAK at BAL11:00 AM
DET at CHI11:00 AM
TEN at HOU11:00 AM
BUF at NE11:00 AM
SEA at NYJ11:00 AM
CLE at WAS11:00 AM
DEN at TB2:05 PM
LA at ARI2:25 PM
NO at SD2:25 PM
DAL at SF2:25 PM
KC at PIT6:30 PM
Mon, Oct 3Time (MT)
NYG at MIN6:30 PM

Week 5

Thu, Oct 6Time (MT)
ARI at SF6:25 PM
Sun, Oct 9Time (MT)
WAS at BAL11:00 AM
NE at CLE11:00 AM
PHI at DET11:00 AM
CHI at IND11:00 AM
TEN at MIA11:00 AM
HOU at MIN11:00 AM
NYJ at PIT11:00 AM
ATL at DEN2:05 PM
CIN at DAL2:25 PM
BUF at LA2:25 PM
SD at OAK2:25 PM
NYG at GB6:30 PM
Mon, Oct 10Time (MT)
TB at CAR6:30 PM

Week 6

Thu, Oct 13Time (MT)
DEN at SD6:25 PM
Sun, Oct 16Time (MT)
SF at BUF11:00 AM
JAX at CHI11:00 AM
LA at DET11:00 AM
PIT at MIA11:00 AM
CIN at NE11:00 AM
CAR at NO11:00 AM
BAL at NYG11:00 AM
CLE at TEN11:00 AM
PHI at WAS11:00 AM
KC at OAK2:05 PM
DAL at GB2:25 PM
ATL at SEA2:25 PM
IND at HOU6:30 PM
Mon, Oct 17Time (MT)
NYJ at ARI6:30 PM

Week 7

Thu, Oct 20Time (MT)
CHI at GB6:25 PM
Sun, Oct 23Time (MT)
NYG at LA7:30 AM
CLE at CIN11:00 AM
WAS at DET11:00 AM
OAK at JAX11:00 AM
NO at KC11:00 AM
BUF at MIA11:00 AM
BAL at NYJ11:00 AM
MIN at PHI11:00 AM
IND at TEN11:00 AM
SD at ATL2:05 PM
TB at SF2:05 PM
NE at PIT2:25 PM
SEA at ARI6:30 PM
Mon, Oct 24Time (MT)
HOU at DEN6:30 PM

Week 8

Thu, Oct 27Time (MT)
JAX at TEN6:25 PM
Sun, Oct 30Time (MT)
WAS at CIN7:30 AM
GB at ATL11:00 AM
NE at BUF11:00 AM
NYJ at CLE11:00 AM
DET at HOU11:00 AM
KC at IND11:00 AM
SEA at NO11:00 AM
OAK at TB11:00 AM
SD at DEN2:05 PM
ARI at CAR2:25 PM
PHI at DAL6:30 PM
Mon, Oct 31Time (MT)
MIN at CHI6:30 PM

Week 9

Thu, Nov 3Time (MT)
ATL at TB6:25 PM
Sun, Nov 6Time (MT)
PIT at BAL11:00 AM
DAL at CLE11:00 AM
JAX at KC11:00 AM
NYJ at MIA11:00 AM
DET at MIN11:00 AM
PHI at NYG11:00 AM
CAR at LA2:05 PM
NO at SF2:05 PM
IND at GB2:25 PM
TEN at SD2:25 PM
DEN at OAK6:30 PM
Mon, Nov 7Time (MT)
BUF at SEA6:30 PM

Week 10

Thu, Nov 10Time (MT)
CLE at BAL6:25 PM
Sun, Nov 13Time (MT)
KC at CAR11:00 AM
HOU at JAX11:00 AM
DEN at NO11:00 AM
LA at NYJ11:00 AM
ATL at PHI11:00 AM
CHI at TB11:00 AM
GB at TEN11:00 AM
MIN at WAS11:00 AM
MIA at SD2:05 PM
SF at ARI2:25 PM
DAL at PIT2:25 PM
SEA at NE6:30 PM
Mon, Nov 14Time (MT)
CIN at NYG6:30 PM

Week 11

Thu, Nov 17Time (MT)
NO at CAR6:25 PM
Sun, Nov 20Time (MT)
BUF at CIN11:00 AM
PIT at CLE11:00 AM
BAL at DAL11:00 AM
JAX at DET11:00 AM
TEN at IND11:00 AM
TB at KC11:00 AM
ARI at MIN11:00 AM
CHI at NYG11:00 AM
MIA at LA2:05 PM
NE at SF2:25 PM
PHI at SEA2:25 PM
GB at WAS6:30 PM
Mon, Nov 21Time (MT)
HOU at OAK6:30 PM

Week 12

Thu, Nov 24Time (MT)
MIN at DET10:30 AM
WAS at DAL2:30 PM
PIT at IND6:30 PM
Sun, Nov 27Time (MT)
ARI at ATL11:00 AM
CIN at BAL11:00 AM
JAX at BUF11:00 AM
TEN at CHI11:00 AM
NYG at CLE11:00 AM
SD at HOU11:00 AM
SF at MIA11:00 AM
LA at NO11:00 AM
SEA at TB2:05 PM
KC at DEN2:25 PM
CAR at OAK2:25 PM
NE at NYJ6:30 PM
Mon, Nov 28Time (MT)
GB at PHI6:30 PM

Week 13

Thu, Dec 1Time (MT)
DAL at MIN6:25 PM
Sun, Dec 4Time (MT)
KC at ATL11:00 AM
MIA at BAL11:00 AM
SF at CHI11:00 AM
PHI at CIN11:00 AM
HOU at GB11:00 AM
DEN at JAX11:00 AM
LA at NE11:00 AM
DET at NO11:00 AM
BUF at OAK2:05 PM
WAS at ARI2:25 PM
NYG at PIT2:25 PM
TB at SD2:25 PM
CAR at SEA6:30 PM
Mon, Dec 5Time (MT)
IND at NYJ6:30 PM

Week 14

Thu, Dec 8Time (MT)
OAK at KC6:25 PM
Sun, Dec 11Time (MT)
PIT at BUF11:00 AM
SD at CAR11:00 AM
CIN at CLE11:00 AM
CHI at DET11:00 AM
HOU at IND11:00 AM
MIN at JAX11:00 AM
ARI at MIA11:00 AM
WAS at PHI11:00 AM
NO at TB11:00 AM
DEN at TEN11:00 AM
NYJ at SF2:05 PM
SEA at GB2:25 PM
ATL at LA2:25 PM
DAL at NYG6:30 PM
Mon, Dec 12Time (MT)
BAL at NE6:30 PM

Week 15

Thu, Dec 15Time (MT)
LA at SEA6:25 PM
Sat, Dec 17Time (MT)
MIA at NYJ6:25 PM
Sun, Dec 18Time (MT)
PHI at BAL11:00 AM
CLE at BUF11:00 AM
GB at CHI11:00 AM
TB at DAL11:00 AM
JAX at HOU11:00 AM
TEN at KC11:00 AM
IND at MIN11:00 AM
DET at NYG11:00 AM
NO at ARI2:05 PM
SF at ATL2:05 PM
NE at DEN2:25 PM
OAK at SD2:25 PM
PIT at CIN6:30 PM
Mon, Dec 19Time (MT)
CAR at WAS6:30 PM

Week 16

Thu, Dec 22Time (MT)
NYG at PHI6:25 PM
Sat, Dec 24Time (MT)
MIA at BUF11:00 AM
ATL at CAR11:00 AM
WAS at CHI11:00 AM
SD at CLE11:00 AM
MIN at GB11:00 AM
TEN at JAX11:00 AM
NYJ at NE11:00 AM
TB at NO11:00 AM
IND at OAK2:05 PM
SF at LA2:25 PM
ARI at SEA2:25 PM
CIN at HOU6:25 PM
Sun, Dec 25Time (MT)
BAL at PIT2:30 PM
DEN at KC6:30 PM
Mon, Dec 26Time (MT)
DET at DAL6:30 PM

Week 17

Sun, Jan 1Time (MT)
NO at ATL11:00 AM
BAL at CIN11:00 AM
GB at DET11:00 AM
JAX at IND11:00 AM
NE at MIA11:00 AM
CHI at MIN11:00 AM
BUF at NYJ11:00 AM
DAL at PHI11:00 AM
CLE at PIT11:00 AM
CAR at TB11:00 AM
HOU at TEN11:00 AM
NYG at WAS11:00 AM
OAK at DEN2:25 PM
ARI at LA2:25 PM
KC at SD2:25 PM
SEA at SF2:25 PM

Week 3 - 9/22/2016

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  • Running Back
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Kicker
  • Defensive Team
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Week 2 - 9/15/2016

  • Quarterback
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  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Kicker
  • Defensive Team
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Week 1 - 9/8/2016

  • Quarterback
  • Running Back
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Kicker
  • Defensive Team
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